Educational Tour

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Benefits Of Educational Tour

  • Having a successful career in one’s respective field of study has become a great challenge for today’s students. Specifically, for the one who is in Research, Engineering and even Management studies. Few decades ago, being a perfectionist in theoretical studies was sufficient to get placed in industries and gain experience in the industry. Today the scenario has changed. In the time span of graduate school, the practical knowledge of industry is required for a successful career.
  • We see many examples around us, where a person with a technical education background has his career moving forward in some non-technical stream. Well, not really many of them would like to be one such example until he has a passion towards his work. One of the common or obvious reasons would be, lacking the capability to compete and cope up with their study-related, industrial requirement standards. For a mechanical or electrical engineering graduate, getting into a core industry or company is really a hard task because of constant advancements in technology. The rate of rapid growth in technology is such that, by the time a student finishes his course, the technology that he studied would be an older one.
  • Research says that, there is a huge gap between today’s educational system and industrial requirements. College outcomes do not reach the expectations of a company. The only way to bridge the gap is connecting students with the industries so that students will be able to know the needs of the industry and groom themselves accordingly. And, to do so, Industrial visits to students is a pathway.
  • The industrial visit also provides an insight on how companies work and also useful information related to the practical aspects of the course which cannot be visualized in lectures. With an aim to go beyond academics, these visits are arranged to develop the insights of the students – attaining practical knowledge and their theoretical applications thereof.

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